Seamworks Almada kimono robe

I have recently subscribed to Seamworks magazine, and the first pattern that I have tried is the Almada kimono robe.

First of all I’d highly recommend the mag! It’s 6 dollars a month (not quite sure what that is in pounds but about a fiver), but you can get 2 free patterns of your choice (from their whole pattern collection) per month, which is fantastic!!

All their patterns are reasonably quick sews, max 3 hours, this robe stated hat it takes 2 hours, and it did take me about 2 hours to sew.

It’s super easy, with nice straightish lines and no fiddly techniques to master! It really is a pleasure to sew!

You need quite a bit of fabric (approx 3m) so I got my fabric from the vintage remnant baskets at my local Abakhan fabrics, each piece of fabric cost £6.75 and there is leftovers.

I used a rotary cutter and fabric weights to cut them out as they are really large and straight lines

I love the shape of it, it’s like a cocoon, I also think the ties make it unusual as they pull it in from the front making it shape around your bust.

The instructions are very clear, and the pattern includes seam allowance, the only downside was printing and piecing the PDF pattern together as there are more than 50 pages!

I made one version for myself from a lightweight drapey fabric, I love how it turned out!!

I made a second version for my mum, this fabric was still lightweight, but a bit less drapey and crispier! But again it turned out lovely!

The seamworks Almada robe is a lovely sew and I think all my friends and family will be getting one as a gift on their next birthday!

I think I will also treat myself to one from Liberty Tana lawn but I’ll leave off the tie so that it can be worn as a kimono jacket rather than robe!

I’d love to know what you think!!

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Colette Mabel skirt

The Colette Mabel skirt is a super quick and easy pattern, it can be whipped up in less than an hour!!

In my bid to improve my sewing with stretch fabrics this was a perfect pattern!

The pattern consists of a skirt front, back and waistband, there are no fidly fastenings or anything like that! Sometimes you just want something quick and simple!

I used my overlocker to sew this skirt as it is basically straight lines so was easy to wizz through the overlocker, I did test it on some scrap fabric first to ensure that the tensions and differential feed were set correctly for the fabric to ensure that it didn’t stretch out of shape.

I used a great scuba fabric, I’ve never sewed with this before but it worked really well as it is stretchy but also holds its structure.

I used my regular machine with a twin needle to hem the skirt. It turned out great!

I had loads of fabric left so decided to find a top pattern to make an outfit, I found a cute off the shoulder crop top from George and Ginger.

This top was quite straight forward to make, it has elastic threaded through the top and bottom to gather it, this was a bit tricky to pull through on the soft stretchy fabric but it got there in the end!

I lined the top with soft jersey to make it comfortable to wear.

The whole outfit cost £6.50 to make, an absolute bargain! I’m not sure how this scuba fabric washes or how well it lasts as I’ve never used it before, but even if I get a few wears it will be worth the cost of the fabric!!

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